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Owner/Stylist Queena Mwanda   My desire to be a hair stylist was born out of issues with self esteem. I started doing my own hair to make  myself prettier but my outlook on life became positive and I felt better. The notion that I could transform  women by maintaining and styling their hair became a motivating force for me. In middle school I knew I  would become a professional hairstylist. In high school I enrolled in the Cosmetology program at Star College  however I did not  work in my career until 2001.

 As I matured I began to understand that my ability to transform women’s hair was a gift and talent from GOD  to be used in the market place to reach out to God's children. I knew I wanted to own my own salon in 2003. It  was prophesied to me that God was going to open the door for me to own many shops internationally. It did not manifest until 2008 when I opened my first salon July 31, 2008,"Mwanda's Anointed and Appointed Hair Studios."

My desire is to set a different standard for the industry. When you visit our hair studio you can expect a Christian environment, a place to relax, rejuvenate, and reflect. I would like to thank my husband Chomba for all of his love and support through this journey.

God bless you all,

Queena Mwanda

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